Owning French property involves paperwork. The French authorities require all paperwork involving you to be dealt with promptly and completely. Language barriers apart, we strongly recommend that you consult someone who has the practical knowledge and day-to-day experience to deal with all your concerns including:

  • bills
  • buildings and contents insurance
  • carte de séjour
  • dentists in France
  • driving in France
  • health care insurance
  • doctors in France
  • importing family pets and equines
  • motor insurance
  • buildings and contents insurance
  • moving to France
  • opening French bank accounts
  • opticians in France
  • removals
  • social security
  • school education
  • taxe d'habitation/foncière
  • translation work
  • vets in France
............and many other matters.
It would do you no harm to contact Mrs Lesley Jolly who lives and works in France. She has a very practical and in-depth experience of the French way of life, particularly when dealing with the French. Her contact details are:-
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